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Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection

Книга нашей современницы D.M.Murdock (Acharya S.).
На рекламной странице книги можно найти такое оглавление, ниже которого вставлен фрейм с книгой:

  A Word about Primary Sources
  Egyptian Language Translations
  God, Man or Myth?
  Who Is Gerald Massey?
  Timeline of Destruction
  The Art of Mythmaking

Horus, Sun of God
  The Loving, Immortal Father-Mother Sun
  The Deceased as Osiris
  Of Mysteries and Myths
  Who is Horus?
  The Many Horuses
  The Horus King: "Son of the Sun"
  Priest as Horus
  Polytheistic Monotheism/Monism?
  A Fluid Faith
  The Moon and Morning Star
  Horus is Osiris Reborn
Horus versus Set
  The Astrotheology of the Passion
  Who is Set?

  Set as Satan
Born on December 25th
  Ancient and Modern Voices
  Hieroglyphic Evidence
  Calendrical Considerations
  Monumental Alignments

  Winter Solstice Festivals
  Festivals of Osiris
  Dual Birthdays of Horus
  Festival of Ptah
  Feast of Sokar
  Festivals of Isis
  Christian Sun Worship? 
The Virgin Isis-Mery
  The Beloved Mother of God
  Loved by the Gods
  Merry Deities
  Isis the Loving and Loved
  Mery, Miriam and Mary
  Perpetual Virginity
  The Paschal Chronicle
  Son of Neith
  "Isis, the Pure Star of Lovers"
  The Virginal Mystery
  Isis, Mary and Virgo
  Other Virgin Mothers
  Mary is Mery Redux?
  The Nativity Scene at the Temple of Luxor
  The Amenhotep Birth Cycle
  The Birth of Pharaoh Hatshepsut
  The Christ Connection
  The God-King as Horus
  "Soft-Core P*rn?"
  The "Immaculate Conception" and "Virgin Birth?"
  The "Magi" Presenting Gifts?
The Star in the East and Three Kings 
  A Sirius Star
  Orion and the Three Kings
  Stellar Commonality
Horus at the Ages of 12 and 30
  The Sed Festival
  The Gnostic Horos
"Anup the Baptizer"
  Who is Anubis?
  The Boat of the Dead
  The Living Water
  The Baptism

  Horus the Baptist
  Anubis, the Jackal Lake and House/Tent of Purification
  Aquarius the Water-Bearer 
The Twelve Followers
  The Egyptian Zodiac
  The Book of Amduat
  The Book of Gates
  The Four Brothers
  The Fishers of Men
  The Gnostic 12
  Serapis and the Twelve
Performing Miracles, Walking on Water, Healing the Sick and Raising the Dead
  The Bread of Life
  The Lord of Wine
  Commanding the Waters
  The Raising of Osiris
"The Truth, The Light and The Good Shepherd"  Lord of Truth and Good Shepherd
  Sin Bearer and Redeemer
  Osiris the Christ
  Horus the Anointed and Beloved Son of the Father
  Horus the Word/"Iusa," the Coming Son and Savior
  The Shu Theology
  The Lord of Light and Lamb of God
Was Horus "Crucified?"
  The Pre-Christian Cross and Crucifix
  Horus of the Cross
  Outstretched Arms as the Sign of the Cross
  Osiris and the Djed Pillar
  Set "Crucified?"
  The "Divine Man" Crucified in Space
  Astrotheology of the Cross
  The Two Thieves?
  The Mystery of the Cross
Burial for Three Days, Resurrection and Ascension
  The Resurrection Machine
  Lord of Eternity
  The Passion Play of Osiris
  Three Days in the Tomb
  The Descent into the Underworld
  "Easter"-The Resurrection of Spring
  Horus and Osiris at the Vernal Equinox
  The Ascension into Heaven
  Spiritual or Bodily Resurrection?
  The Word "Resurrection"
  The Dying and Rising Debate
  Osiris as the Life Force in the Material World
  Bodily Necessity
  The Canaanite Connection
  Jewish or Greek?
  The Glorified Body
  Horus as the Resurrection
  The Egyptian Heaven and Hell

  "The House of a Thousand Years"
  The Phoenix/Benu Bird
  Osiris, Horus and the Benu
  Jesus and the Phoenix
  The Astrotheological Millennium
The Alexandrian Roots of Christianity
  The Therapeuts
  The Proto-Christians?
  Lake Mareotis
  The Hybridizing Emperor?
  The Library of Alexandria
  Philo of Alexandria
  The Hermetic Writings
  The Poimandres
  The Gnostics
  The Pistis Sophia
  Egypto-Christian Texts
  Marcion and the Gospel of the Lord
  The Gospel of John
  The Memphite Theology
  Who Wrote John?
  A "Unique Divine Revelation?"
  Gods Truly Walked the Earth?
  The "Horus Christian Class" Dismissed?
  Dangerous Endeavors and Occupational Hazards
  Nolo Comprehendere
  Blotting Out the Sun
  Mysterious Omissions
  Mutable Mythology
  Well Known in Egypt?  Which Came First?

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